Organisation Of Bhutanese Communities in America ???

I salute the question posed by Mr. RN Pokhrel; we have the right to information about how many states are participating the convention. As per the participatory scenario is revealed only seventeen states out of fifty have shown their participation including Alaska and some others as the observer only. Our concern is how many of these representing states have their community organized and formed as per the respective state law.

If they declare organization with the support of just 16 states, it clearly forecasts that they are exercising their lust to politically fool the innocent Bhutanese resettlers and hoodwink the international communities, as they in majority are habituated with this sort of hatred since the inception of Bhutanese politicism in the exile.

The other major concerns are:

1. Why are they seemed nasty to form the OBCA as the national institution when it is not felt necessary by the majority of the sates in USA? This is the time we need to work in the individual state level. We don’t need OBCA right now that is why only a few mobilized states participated the so called convention. We need to keep in mind that the water doesn’t boil at 50 degree Celsius, as one time well said by Mr. DJ Khaling in the Refugee Camp is Sanischare.

2. It could be a big blunder, if they wishfully decide to form an organization forcefully and decentralize to other states. Please use your capacity to form an organization. You don’t have the right in USA to represent California unless you have voting members representing or written authorization from the state stakeholders. If only sixteen states participated, how can you declare Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America??? Is it logical to underestimate other 66 % of majority of communities in the United States and debate in the bylaws as you folks are doing in Georgia now? ?

3. Time and again, it was argued that it is just the time to launch the fielding about the intention that Mr. Bhakti Bhandari is whelming. It can be clearly shown by the participation that we need to set back to state level and start the home work on how we can better represent our respective states.

4. Time and again, it was clearly argued that the concept is really really good and worth anticipating but the timing to go OBCA is inappropriate, and wrong at this situation. So, Georgia centered OBCA headed by Mr. Bhandari, please feel the need of the situation when just participated by less than 40 % majority and go back to work like how ABA is working.

5. Mr. Basnet from ABA seems more practical because he shouldn’t organizationally flicker when someone self claiming as the leader of the world intentionally intends to dialogue for unification. How dear he would unify ABA which has been effective some years now with an organization which is yet to be declared??

6. It is revealed that only a few individuals of even Georgia have the support to this whiming of Mr. Bhandari and the party. It would be better if BNS as Shiva Chettri suggested works in this areas rather than live blogging the plight of minority. Small news about this function should be enough in quenching the right to information of the Mass Bhutanese in the world. But the effort that BNS garner in bringing any issues of public concerns in the open air is wholeheartedly anticipating.

7. This is the time we need to have our dream to have been dreamt with clarity and uniformity. If Georgia on 20th June has an organization declared with the participatory consent of less than 40 % majority, it will be clear that it is an antagonistic zeal of egoism and self supremacy. What can be suggested at this time is: let us keep this effort to be the home work and continue in the individual state level. We can form an Ad hoc committee, which will work in forming the bylaws and necessary roadmap grounding for the formation of OBCA by 2013 minimum.

8. The formative guidelines may be: All the states will have their own state level Bhutanese Community registered in the State by 2012 with the defined number of members. Then only we can think of going nationally. The national campaign should have a bigger plight like organizing Bhutanese to put a common effort so as to rebuild Bhutan politically, economically and developmentally. Another may be establishing unified identity of all the Bhutanese for the national concerns to be canalized in to mainstream Bhutanization as multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual and diverse kingdom. The third may be reconciliation of the Bhutanese in USA in to the main stream happiness of Bhutanese citizens inside Bhutan. Then we need to focus on the issues we are bringing at this time. As far as the individual states policies and laws are concerned, we can address the concerns we have highlighted on the background of the formation of so called OBCA, just in the state level.

9. It is never bad to form an organization but we enjoy forming just the logo rather than executing the principles we set in the dawn of inception. Let us continue our cat-casketing philosophy we have carried in the culture from refugee camps in to USA.

10. If we have the habit of getting ourselves contented, then we need to promote what we have already in the existence. The better would be Mr. Bhakti Bhandari joins ABA and starts bringing changes and modification from therein rather than forming an organization dividing Bhutanese folks. I would like to appeal the the Bhutanese folks that “Let us be the trusted and represented member of an organization rather than becoming the president of self.”

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5 responses

  1. Water doesnot boil at 50d.

  2. Please make sure that smart, intelligent, less able, old, small and almost of all the Bhutanese refugees will be resettled in The United States of America with equal dignity, rights and freedom. please never try to conquire by yourselves leaving these people behind. We will see young generations going to play vital roles in establishing a real democracy and happiness in Bhutan provided that the older generation should not think they are all in all.
    Also, i am not perfect.

  3. is this a website of Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America ? if yes where is the notice for public in the website please ? We the public want to see the upcoming program in the website please post today

  4. Dear Devicharan Ji
    Namaskar !!

    This isn’t the website of Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America. This is my personal site and I don’t know why did you guess it as their site.


      BY THE WAY

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